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Short History

1959 Erik and Mats Paulsson, two brothers aged 16 and 14 respectively, bought an agricultural machinery facility in Förslöv, Sweden, with operations focused on farming. The company was called Bröderna Paulsson Peab AB.

1985 Peab acquired AB Wihlborgbyggen in Malmö.

1986 Peab became the principal owner of Utvecklings AB Kranen, which has been commissioned to develop the former Kockums shipyard area in Malmö.

1991 Peab merged with Hallström & Nisses AB (H&N). H&N´s market was Stockholm and northern Sweden, which complemented Peab´s market coverage. H&N was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange OTC-list, where the newly formed Group remained after the merger.

1992 Kullenberg and Lambertssons in Gothenburg were taken over.
Peab also acquired parts of operations of Eccere AB, ByggPaul AB and CA Bygg AB. The Group operated nationwide.

1993 A majority of shares of BPA was acquired. Peab concentrated its
operations on the core operations construction and civil engineering, while BPA was turned into an installation company.

1994 Peab is established in Poland. Fagbygg AS is acquired from BPA.
The company had operations in the Oslo region and its name was changed
to Peab AS. Peab aquired Kungsfiskaren Bygg och Fastighet AB.

1996 Peab acquired Pleiad Real Estate AB.

1997 Peab acquired Platzer Bygg Stockholm AB and HSB Byggproduktion
operating in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

1998 Peab acquired Swerock AB, Cliffton AB and AZ-Bygg AB in Uppsala.

1999 Peab acquired the Finnish construction company
Rakennus OY Leo Heinänen.

2000 Peab acquired NeTel AB, Samschakt and Anjo Entreprenad AB.

2001 Acquisition of the asphalt companies KPK Entreprenader AB and Asfaltsbeläggningar i Boden AB. Acquisition of Norwegian contruction company Totalentreprenören AS.

2002 Peab acquired PNB Asfalt which is mainly active in southern Sweden.
Peab´s share (25 per cent) of Klara Zenit in Stockholm was sold to Wihlborgs
Fastigheter AB.

2003 Peab has during the year acquired the Finnish construction company Seicon and Vasa Betong which manufactures and sells ready-mixed concrete.
All the shares in Brinova Fastigheter AB have been distributed to Peab's shareholders. The Brinova B-share is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange's O-list.

2004 Peab has acquired Siljan Anläggning AB in Orsa and Berg och Väg Maskin AB in Stockholm. Peab has also acquired the old F18 air field in Tullinge in the municipality of Botkyrka.

2005 Peab has acquired the real estates Hamnen 21:149 in Malmö from Saab, Steningehöjden in Sigtuna, Tygelsjö 76:1 in Klagshamn, Järva 4:11 in Frösunda and at the field Ulriksdalsfältet. Peab has also acquired all the shares in Markarbeten I Värmland AB.

2006 Acquisition of Midroc Construction. Peab has also acquired the old F10 air field in Ängelholm.


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